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* Ask about a TURNAROUND Case Study: Project Turnaround for a Billionaire.

We took it  from 8 units sold in 3 years to 60 units sold in 6 weeks. Turnaround time: 3 days!  2 Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence Awards

Dominion Development is more than a traditional development company. We provide creative site-specific land use solutions that are market-driven, and which are designed to harmonize with the environment and boost the economies of the regions we touch.

Our Marketing Strategy is based on Pre-Sales.

Never guess again! We'll show you hard data with detailed Financial Proformas that will help you make better decisions on how to develop real estate based on Pre-Sold Units.

Our Pre-Sale System reduces risk. 

It is Applicable to any Real Estate Development.

Ideal for Destination Resort Properties.

Systemetized Marketing Process

We use a proven process that works.

Proprietary Proformas,  Documentation & Filings

High-Velocity Presales

One-Day Priority Presale Events

There's NO Obligation.

Let's have a conversation.

Find out what Dominion Development Group can do for your project. 

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